Up to 40 students can be accommodated in the classroom depending on the table and chair arrangement. Multi-use is the operative word for the classroom because it will be used for activities that may require a configuration different from the typical classroom setting. For example, it might be set up as an activity room on a day when a number of younger children are scheduled to visit. Because of the varied usage, an adjacent storage area is provided for the assorted materials and furniture that will be needed.


The lobby is sized to handle larger groups that could arrive at the same time. Examples are people attending a special program in the Inspiration Theater or busloads of students or visitors arriving for an educational event. The lobby is also sized to handle small private functions that could involve food and beverages. The storage area immediately to the rear of the Inspiration Theater is intended for the tables and chairs that will be used for these special events.


The approximately 300-square-foot gift shop will offer a considerable assortment of merchandise related to astronomy, space, and dark skies. Coffee Shop and Outdoor


The coffee shop will offer drinks and snacks and a place to take a break either inside or on the private outdoor patio while visiting the IDSDC.


There are two levels in the office/administrative area. The main level has three offices including the director’s office and a work area that accommodates the needs associated with catered events. The upper level has additional offices and storage.

The remaining space includes telescope storage, technical and security control rooms, restrooms, mechanical and janitorial rooms, and general storage.