The marketing strategy for the IDSDC falls into three categories
• Stand-alone
• Integrated
• Astrotourism


Similar to comparable institutions, the IDSDC will develop both printed and online marketing-related materials to promote the facility and the special programs that are offered. Additionally, focused marketing will be used to establish relationships with area educational organizations to encourage student visits. Widespread publicity, which is essentially free marketing, can be obtained when the attention of news media is captured. A few examples are a special astronomical event that can be broadcast in the Inspiration Theater, a new music and laser light show in the Hyperspace Planetarium, or a lecture by a distinguished guest. Opportunities to rent the IDSDC for private parties and small corporate events will also be promoted. To maintain continued interest for all visitors, a concerted effort will be made to frequently change the programming with new shows, new exhibits, and new activities.


One of the important factors in choosing the specific location for the IDSDC is its proximity to surrounding entities with which it can create a synergistic relationship. The adjacent entities are the River of Time Museum that focuses on the history of the Lower Verde Valley, the Community Garden that is the finest in the entire Southwest, the Fountain Hills Library, a first-class sculpture garden, and the Fountain Hills Community Center. Part of the promotional effort will be to integrate the marketing of these entities. By doing so, potential visitors are more likely to travel to Fountain Hills for the opportunity to experience all these facilities that are in the same location. Marketed appropriately, the IDSDC and surrounding entities together will be a significant attraction in the Phoenix area.


The marketing potential associated with the world-wide growth of astrotourism is covered under the Astrotourism tab on this site.