Immersion Zone

Unique in the world will be the Immersion Zone, an exhibit hall with a special focus on the overall theme of “dark skies.”

A planned, very engaging display found nowhere else will be the Dark Sky Immersion Experience. Choose your location in the world and see what people who live there see in the night sky. Or travel to the darkest location on the planet and see a sky so filled with stars you might think it’s not real. But it is.

Sized at just over 3,000 square feet, the Immersion Zone will present a combination of static and interactive displays along with mixed reality experiences to educate and inspire visitors of all ages. Multiple themes will appeal to the varied audiences. Some exhibits will demonstrate the relationship between dark skies and life on earth. Astronomy-related displays will expose visitors to the wonders of the universe. Space-related information will highlight past, current, and future space explorations.

All exhibits will work in concert to answer intriguing questions. Why are dark skies important for wildlife, plants, and humans? What are occultations and how were they used to redirect the New Horizons spacecraft? What does a truly dark sky look like versus a light-polluted sky? Why does the American Medical Association recommend for health reasons lower correlated color temperatures for outdoor lighting? And how has humankind depended on the night sky throughout history? Overall, the goal of the Immersion Zone will be to create a fun and memorable educational experience that will generate word-of-mouth advertising to augment other marketing strategies.