Dark Sky Observatory

The 20.5-foot domed observatory will feature a 27.5-inch (.7 meter) PlaneWave telescope with fused silica optics designed for public viewing, research, live broadcasts, and astrophotography.

The telescope’s control computer will operate the observatory from either the adjacent control room or from within the observatory. Included with the installation are a deep space imaging camera, a lunar/planetary camera, and an ADA compliant eyepiece system. Additionally, a power control and data management system, a safety and interlock system, an environmental control and monitoring system, and a weather computer will support the technical requirements of the Dark Sky Observatory. Supplementing the observatory are additional high-quality, portable telescopes that can be wheeled out to the adjacent Centennial Circle Plaza for star parties and the annual Dark Sky Festival. Together with the Dark Sky Observatory, there is no other comparable astronomical viewing experience in the Phoenix metropolitan area.